Font Contents and Character Listing

An overview of the STIX Fonts content for each included Unicode character block is available. In preparation for the release, an updated set of configuration tables has been prepared. These tables implement the new file names for all of the font files. A table describing the file names and the contents of each is given here. The new configuration tables reflect these revised file names and additional glyphs added to the project during the design review.

As STIX glyphs were completed, we developed a Configuration Table that included the following columns of information.

Column Name Format
UnicodePlane Text(1)
UniqueID Text(4)
GlyphName Text(24)
TeXName Text(26)
EntityName Text(10)
UnicodeDescription Text(100)
GlyphStyle Text(2)
OTFontName Text(8)
OTFontPos Text(4)
Type1FontName Text(8)
Type1FontPos Text(2)
OriginalDescription Text(91)

There will be one entry in the Configuration Table per glyph style per Unicode code point. As each Unicode character block is completed, the corresponding Configuration Table row set will be available both as an XML file and a CSV file. (Please contact the STIX Fonts project for further information or to let us know if additional file formats would be desirable.)

As soon as Unicode character blocks are prepared, the data will be available for download on the STIX Configuration Tables page.