the STIX project has the potential to solve a problem that dates back to the 1400's, when Gutenberg first conceived of movable type. -New York Times (Nov. 7, 2002)

STIX Version 2.0.0 Development Announcement

Since its inception, the main focus of the STIX font project has been the creation and maintenance of a world-class math font suitable for use in scientific and technical publishing. To date, the text portion of STIX has not benefitted from a similar level of attention.

Accordingly the STIpub companies are pleased to announce that Version 2.0.0, the next generation of STIX, is currently under development. This release will mainly focus on providing a greatly improved text portion of the fonts that will meet the high standards expected by scientific and technical publishing professionals and researchers. In addition, the math portions of the font will be refined, improving the fonts' internal consistency and compatibility with various math typesetting systems. The completed STIX 2.0.0 fonts will provide a single, unified solution for all aspects of technical typesetting. Development of STIX version 2.0.0 is being performed under a contract with renowned typeface developer Tiro Typeworks and is expected to be released by early 2015.

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